Practice Areas

The firm provides specialised commercial legal services based on its expertise, experience and capacity to cater to the legal needs of its clients. Using its commercial practice experience, the firm aims to provide strategic and practical advice and solutions to its clients.

Services on a strategic level:

*Risk identification and risk management
*Commercial and legal structure and set up
*Corporate restructure
*Foreign investment
*Regulatory compliance advice
*Proactive and tailored legal risk identification and management advice aimed at preventing a possible risk rather than “curing” it after the fact.
*Shareholder rights
*Directors rights and duties
*Mergers and acquisitions (including all related due diligence procedures) Joint venture agreements
*HR structure, set up and policies

Services on a transactional level:

*Financial and sercurity documentation
*Competition law/Commerce Commission matters
*Employment and industrial relations matters
*Commercial property matters
*Negotiations and documentation of business agreements and understandings with third parties
*Debt restructure
*Debt recovery
*Litigation/Court representation for commercial matters