Areas of Law

We set out below the work we do in the various areas of law.

AP Legal provides specific legal services in respect of the following:

  • Change in ownership/shareholding
  • Change in shareholding structure
  • Alteration of share capital
  • Expansion/reduction of business activities
  • HR restructure
  • Departmental/operational/organisational restructure
  • Finance restructure
  • Debt restructure
AP Legal provides specific legal services in respect of the following:

  • Incorporation of limited liability companies, sole trader businesses, partnerships.
  • Provision of advice on business and transactional matters related to businesses both on a strategic and on a day to day basis.
  • Obtaining of relevant statutory consents, permits, licences required for general or specialised commercial operations in Fiji.
  • Provision on advice in relation to compliance with statutory obligations and liaison with statutory entities.

AP Legal undertakes the following work in relation to fiannce and security:

  • Finance and security documentation in Fiji, both for financial lending institutions and corporate inter-companies lending
  • Advise on the prevailing issues in the finance and securities market, risks and risk management options.
  • Undertakes documentation of finance and securities transaction for compliance with the applicable laws and ensuring that the securities are enforceable by lenders.
  • Debt restructure for both borrowers and lenders where we provide specific legal solutions to our clients in respect of debt and restructuring options with a view to protect the interests of our client whether they be borrowers or lenders.
AP Legal's lawyers have undertaken extensive legal work relating to labour and employement issues of large corporate entities in Fiji.
Our services include:

  • Facilitating and advising on HR restructure and redundancy process for entities large scale employers.
  • Services in relation to employment contracts, HR policy development and implementation, disciplinary processes and representation in the Employment Tribunal.
  • Dispute resolution.
  • Negotiation of collective agreements.
  • Advise and representation in trade union related matter.

AP Legal undertakes all work in relation to conveyancing. Specifically we do the following:

  • Sale and purchase of commercial properties and residential properties.
  • Purchase of properties by foreign nationals including obtaining ministerial consent.
  • Liaising with Director of Lands, iTaukei Lands Trust Board, Registrar of Titles.
  • Mortgagee sale and foreclosure (within limitations permitted to legal practitioners).
  • Property/resort/toursim development
  • Private property sales
  • Property sudivisions
AP Legal represents its clients in commercial litigation in the Courts of Fiji that includes the following matters:

  • Claims/appeals/defence in the Magistrates Court, High Court, Fiji Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court of Fiji.
  • Debt recovery actions.

AP Legal provides the following services in relation to IP within Fiji and where required to the South Pacific region:
  • TM and Patent search
  • TM and Patent Registrations
  • Renewal of TM
  • Assigment
  • Recordal of Mergers
  • IP litigation
  • Advice on IP rights and protection
  • Opposition of IP registration applications
AP Legal provides complete legal solutions in respect of mergers and acquisition from the due diligence stage to the conclusion of the transaction. Our services are available for instances where transactions involve local entities or where both local and international entitites are involved.

AP Legal undertakes the following work in respect of regulatory and compliance:

*Advice on regulatory and compliance issues

*Engagement with regulators

*Representation of clients in claims and charges against clients on regulatory and compliance

*Engagement with the following regulators:
  • Reserve Bank of Fiji
  • Capital Markets Development Unit of the Reserve Bank of Fiji.
  • Investment Fiji.
  • Financial Intelligence Unit of the Reserve Bank of Fiji.
  • Fiji Revenue and Customs Authority
  • Maritime Safety Authority of Fiji
  • The Commerce Commission
  • The South Pacific Stock Exchange
  • Registrar of Companies
  • Registrar of Titles
  • Ministry of Lands
  • I-Taukei Land Trust Board
  • Department of Environment
  • Mineral Resources Department
  • Local/rural government authorities
AP Legal undertakes the following work in respect of foreign investments:
  • Advice
  • Registration of foreign investors (foreign investor registration certificate)
  • Taxation
  • Immigration
  • Business licences
  • Permits, consents, approvals and licences
  • Industry stakeholder engagements